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Custom Software Development

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Ltd (98 - 05)

  • Processing instrument data in MS Excel (VBA).
  • Loading of remotely acquired instrument data into ORACLE 8i database (VB & C++).
  • Remote diagnostics of medical instruments using HTTP and Winsock over VPN links.
  • Year 2000 software project.

Smart Card Integration Ltd (96 - 98)

  • Mondex Host Server development on Microsoft Windows NT systems using MS Visual C++.
  • Development for NCR, Nat West and Chase Manhatten Banks.
  • Development of a suite of Windows NT applications for capturing and processing of high speed data packets from remote handset data concentrators.
  • Multi-threaded applications were developed using MFC socket and thread synchronization C++ classes.

Kodak Clinical Diagnostics Ltd (93 - 97)

  • Development of a company wide clinical assay processing system based on ORACLE 7 RDBMS & client/server methodology.
  • Mathematical processing of data captured from networked instruments and storage of processed data for further transactions and statistical analysis.
  • Instrument scheduling and control via network and computer generated magnetic cards.
  • Database design(SSADM) and PC hosted client software development using MS Visual C++ and Objectview 4GL.
  • Initial prototype design using Borland C++ and object windows library(OWL).

Amersham International Plc (90-92)

  • Development of an automated genetic sequencing software(FilmReader).
  • Radiogram image recognition & pattern detection.
  • OpenLook graphical user interface on Sun Microsystems SPARC workstations.
  • Software development in C++ under UNIX and X-Windows.

Amerlite Diagnostics Ltd (91)

  • Development of instrumentation software for a multi-channel a high speed CCD based optical sensor.
  • Mathematical processing and analysis of data.
  • Software development in Microsoft C, SDK for Windows 3.x and also in Microsoft.

EMRAD Ltd (90, 91)

  • Ground probing radar signal processing software on high speed AT&T DSP32C digital signal processors.
  • Assembly language programming and hardware interface design.
  • Target recognition software.

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