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S.M.T. Consultancies carries out work in designing microwave and millimetre wave reflector and lens antennas. It has expertise in the design of high performance feed systems and passive components for communication as well as radar systems. It also carries out feasibility studies for customers wishing to select the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to their antenna system requirements.

S.M.T. Consultancies has wide experience of design of single and dual reflector antenna systems, high performance corrugated and multi-mode horns, polarisation switchable feeds for radar antennas, compact splash plate feed antennas, TVRO and VSAT antennas, microwave link antennas, dielectric rod radiators and lens antennas. It also has extensive experience in computer aided design of passive waveguide components such as power dividers, hybrid couplers, corrugated waveguide polarisers, septum polarisers, corrugated filters, multi-post filters, metal insert filters, orthomode junctions, diplexers, coaxial adapters, coaxial filters, etc. A comprehensive list of design work undertaken over the past 20 years can be found here. Designs undertaken.

Work can be carried out on a daily basis or as a fixed price contract.

Facilities available include a number of Windows machines for running in-house as well as commercial electromagnetic analysis software packages. S.M.T. Consultancies has developed an extensive suite of mode matching analysis programs for designing high performance feed systems.

Here are examples of designs by S.M.T.Consultancies for a splash-plate feed, a co-axial diplexer, a waveguide filter, a circular horn, two further horn designs and an E-plane metal insert filter.

In addition to the existing software suite, SMT Consultancies can produce and deliver custom made software for electromagnetic design in various programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Fortran, etc. We have also developed general scientific and manufacturing support software based upon relational database platforms such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL sever.

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