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Some of the Work Carried Out by SMT Consultancies

  • Design of Low Sidelobe Multi-mode Horns at L Band.
  • Design of a dielectric rod feed at X band.
  • Design of Ka band OMT and polariser suitable for casting.
  • Design of Wideband Dual-ridged and Quad-ridged Horns.
  • Design of a W Band Diplexer.
  • Design of X band rotary joints.
  • Design of splash plate antennas at 10 GHz for mass production.
  • Design of a manpack antenna operating at SHF band
  • Design of compact dual offset antennas for V-Sat applications
  • Analysis of wideband TEM coaxial line tapers
  • Design of low cross-polar Tx/Rx feeds for satellite borne shaped reflector antennas(Ku & C bands)
  • Design of a shaped L band radar reflector antenna with multiple polarisation switchable feeds.
  • Design of wideband corrugated horns
  • Design and analysis of a coaxial orthomode diplexer at C band
  • Design of feed network components for a dual band/dual polarised radar antenna
  • Design and analysis of an ultra-wideband coaxial balun
  • Design and analysis corrugated waveguide filters
  • Design and analysis of a dual band coaxial feed

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