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Soe Min Tun

Soe Min Tun is a noted expert in the field of mode-matching (see publications below). He is responsible for most of the mode-matching programs sold by SMT Consultancies Ltd. These programs contain a friendly user interface which is standard across all these packages.

Soe Min Tun obtained his PhD from Queen Mary College, London in 1984. His research topic was the computer modelling of satellite borne array-fed offset reflector antennas, designed to produce contoured and multiple spot beams. A detailed modelling of electromagnetic radiation from complex antenna structures including mutual coupling effects in feed arrays was performed. He worked for ERA Technology Limited, Leatherhead from 1984 to 1989 where he was responsible for the analysis and design of electromagnetic devices and radiating systems.


Dr Tun has published many papers in journals and conferences. The ones relating to mode-matching include

  1. Tun, S.M., Mode matching analysis of combined circular and coaxial structures loaded with dielectrics, Int.Conf. on Computations in Electromagnetics, IEE Conf. Publ. No. 350, Nov 1991, pp 230-233.
  2. S. M. Tun & P. R. Foster, Mode Matching Analysis of Small Cassegrainian Reflector Antennas, ICAP 93, April 1993, IEE Conf. Publ. No. 370, pp 627-630.

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