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EHF Band Corrugated Horn with Tx/Rx Diplexer

A corrugated EHF band horn(Figure 1) with an integrated diplexe was designed using a modal matching program(AXIAL). The Tx band frequencies (43.5 GHz to 45.5 GHz) are more than double the Rx band frequencies (20.2 GHz to 21.2 GHz) and a circular waveguide input is not suitable for such frequencies as higher order modes can be generated in the Tx band. A coaxial feeding arrangement where the Rx band is separated out into he coaxial waveguide is employed here.

The corrugations are approximately 3/4 wavelength long at Tx frequencies. The double step corrugations are optimised to yield very good crosspolarisation levels at both Rx and Tx frequencies. The diplexing arrangement achieved -33 dB isolation between Tx and Rx at Tx band. At Rx frequencies, the dominant waveguide mode in the central circular waveguide is cut-off.

Predicted far-field patterns in Rx at 20.2 GHz and 21.2 GHz are given in Figure 2, Figure 3. Predicted far-field patterns in Tx at 43.5 GHz and 45.5 GHz are given in Figure 4, Figure 5.

Figure 1

FIGURE 1: Manually Optimised EHF Feed Profile.

Figure 2

FIGURE 2: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 20.2 GHz.

Figure 3

FIGURE 3: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 21.2 GHz.

Figure 4

FIGURE 4: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 43.5 GHz.

Figure 5

FIGURE 5: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 45.5 GHz.

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