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Ka Band Tx/Rx Multi-mode Horn

A smooth-walled multi-mode horn(Figure 1) with a double section mode generator was optimised using a modal matching program(optrtcc) to operate over two widely separated bands . The design aim was to achieve lowest peak crosspolar in the main beam from 19.7 GHz to 20.2 GHz at Rx and 29.5 Ghz to 30.0 GHz at Tx band. Such a horn can be manufactured by casting. Predicted far-field patterns in Rx at 19.7 GHz and 20.2 GHz are given in Figure 2, Figure 3. Predicted far-field patterns in Tx at 29.5 GHz and 30.0 GHz are given in Figure 4, Figure 5.

Figure 1

FIGURE 1: Optimised Ka Band Horn Profile.

Figure 2

FIGURE 2: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 19.7 GHz.

Figure 3

FIGURE 3: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 20.2 GHz.

Figure 4

FIGURE 4: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 29.5 GHz.

Figure 5

FIGURE 5: Predicted Far-field Patterns at 30.0 GHz.

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